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Accounting refers to the systematic analyzing, summarizing and reporting of financial transactions. An Accountant’s role begins where the Bookkeeper’s ends. So you have a bookkeeper who has recorded all the transactions in the software, but now you need to generate reports and analyze them. Simply recording the transactions in the software and not analyzing them is as good as half-cooked food. It doesn’t serve the purpose.

Having good information is one thing and having the expertise to understand it is something else. We can assist in giving you a bird’s eye view on the overall big picture, or analyze and understand the cost of projects, operations up to the level of specific expense lines. We help with computing the cost of your product and offer advice on pricing strategy. We review your existing policies and procedures and recommend improvements.

As your trusted accountant we provide in-depth monthly reports regarding the performance of your business. These can be tailored to suit the nature of your business and your requirement enabling you to identify the ‘pain areas’ of your business. Some of these tools include cash flow management, budgeting and forecasting.

Armed with the financial insights on your business, you can be in a position to formulate the steps for development and implementation of specific strategies. We ensure that you are in full compliance with the regulators, giving you peace of mind so that you can focus on your core expertise.   

We partner with our clients and share their vision to achieve their goals and succeed in their business.

Our Accounting services include:

  • Review of accounting records maintained by your bookkeeper.
  • Monthly analysis and reporting on parameters vital to your business.
  • Ratio analysis on metrics which are of key importance to your business.
  • Preparation of Cash flows, Budgets, Forecasts and Trend analysis.
  • Designing a Management Reporting Pack.
  • Guidance on product costing and pricing.
  • Review of existing accounting policies and procedures.
  • Identifying the ‘pain areas’ in the business which hinder growth.


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