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Each day, you give patients tips on keeping in shape, preventing chronic illnesses, and rehabilitating from a medical issue. Sustaining the health of your medical practice so that it operates effectively and you’re ready to handle unanticipated challenges necessitates the development of some healthy habits.

Top 10 practices of Accounting in Medical Clinics

Here we will discuss the top ten accounting practices that a medic should perform to sustain the financial health of his work. 

1. Separate personal and business expenses 

If you are working in coordination with a partner, it is necessary to keep your record clean because it will prevent contention between you and your partner. 

2. Review monthly financial statements

It will allow you to keep your progress in your mind and anticipate your future goals ahead.

3. Adopt an appropriate income distribution method

Policies should be mend before distributing shares, whether in the form of percentage from profit or salary.

4. Benchmark staff and physician salaries 

Market competitive salaries should be given to your staff, and you must know what benefits will create hunger in your staff to work efficiently for you.

5. Assemble the right professional team

Pay well and hire competent enough professionals that can work in difficult times and generate desired results. 

6. Maintain internal production reports

This procedure will allow you to contemplate how many patients you are dealing with in a month, and you can easily keep your eye on generated revenue.

7. Examine your contract fee schedules

Fee structure and insurance reimbursement contracts require mining some of your own data will surely help you.

8. Develop a good Buy/Sell agreement

This will allow you to determine what tax you will be paying on the practicing stock.

9. Offer clear, competitive employment agreements.

To attract quality physicians and nursing staff, your agreements should be clear and appealing.

10. Review monthly Accounts Receivable statistics

This practice will enable you to calculate the exact amount collection you deserve on paying every bill.


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