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Best Small Business Accounting Softwares

Decades ago, the first accounting software started to spur and since then there have been numerous options both in-house and off the shelf available for businesses to use. Although there is no denying that desktop-based accounting software is still widely used across the business community, it is worth noting that many small businesses have moved towards cloud-based platforms.

Cloud-based accounting software provides small businesses with the flexibility to review and assess their financial statements, expenses, and cash flows in real time while being confident that their information is safe for external influence. Some known cloud-based small business accounting software is the following:

Sage 50 Cloud

Sage 50 cloud has seen much fame in recent years due to its extensive suite of add-ons and versatility of use as both a cloud-based software and a desktop application at the same time. It also provides a convenient Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 integration to manage customer queries, schedule inventory, and supplies, while it helps manage taxes and rebates in an informed manner. With Sage, small business owners can automate banking transactions, have 40 users working in real time, pay bills, invoke customers, and use applicable accounting standards to make financial statements and reports.

Intuit QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks in recent years has become the most preferred accounting software for new small business professionals. It has a mobile application, as well as a standalone desktop application that seamlessly integrates with cloud servers to provide secure authentication and financial information management. Small business owners can record expense receipts and photographs through a mobile app while having the ability to have custom financial reports and expense recording dashboards through business and client form data tracking. Above all, they provide free online support, with regular upgrades.


Xero has one of the simplest accounting dashboards that small businesses can use for their accounting needs. Their dashboard is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Small business owners get free online support and integration with mobile applications that can help make reports and manage personal or professional expenses in real time. Xero also has bank connections, purchase order tracking, multi-currency transaction, and contractual accounts monitoring facilities. For small business owners, paying salaries, bills, and recording expenses cannot be any easier.

Apart from the above mentioned, small business, owners can also use Zoho Books, Tipalti, FreshBooks and Wave Accounting software for their business needs.


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