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As a vibrant city, Calgary reflects both local and federal legislation on business tax duties. In such a scenario, filing your T2 corporation income tax return can be daunting and challenging. Effectively managing your corporation taxes is essential, regardless of your level of experience as an entrepreneur or your recent entry into Calgary’s dynamic business scene.

This post will dissect the essential knowledge required to effectively handle your corporation’s tax in Calgary.

Important Elements of Your Form T2

To maintain compliance and optimize possible benefits, there are a few essential components to T2 filing that you must get correctly:

Income Reporting: Capital gains, company income, and foreign income are all examples of the various forms of income that need to be reported.

Incentives and Deductions: Use every possible deduction to lower the amount you owe, including those for business expenditures, charitable contributions, and investment losses.

Knowing Your Business Income Tax Return (T2)

T2 corporation income tax return is your company’s annual report card to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). If you are based in Calgary, you should be aware of the following:

Who Has to File: Companies who are doing business in Canada, is required to file a T2 return each tax year. It is regardless of whether taxes are owed, including nonprofits, you are a tax-exempt organization, and dormant businesses.

The deadline for filing: Generally, six months following the conclusion of your company’s fiscal year is the deadline for filing your T2 corporation income tax return. A deadline of June 30 would apply, for instance, if your fiscal year finishes on December 31.

Corporate Tax Rates and Considerations in Calgary

Alberta’s provincial policies as well as federal laws have an impact on corporate tax in Calgary.

Federal Corporation Tax Rate: For active business income up to $500,000, the federal tax rate is typically 9%.

Corporate Tax Rate in Alberta: At 8% on general income, Alberta has a competitive corporate tax rate.

2023 Alberta & Federal Combined Rates

Type of tax

Alberta Rate

Federal Rate

Combined Rate









Small business *


9.00% (**)


Investment income




(including refundable taxes)

Personal services business




*Corporations that satisfy specific requirements are subject to the small business tax rate on their taxable income up to $500,000.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Avert these typical pitfalls while handling your corporation taxes in Calgary:

Late Submission: Prevent fines by making sure your T2 return is submitted on schedule. The costs of late filing can quickly mount up in penalties and interest.

Inaccurate Reporting: Make sure all the data is true and comprehensive. Reassessments, audits, and additional fines may result from errors.

Streamline Your Tax Filing Process

Records Keeping: All corporate transactions should have complete and well-organized records. Maintaining accurate records helps you in the event of an audit and makes filing taxes easier.

Professional Assistance: Getting advice from a tax expert can be a wise investment, especially given the complexity of company tax legislation. In addition to ensuring you’re taking full advantage of all possible tax benefits, they can offer customized advice.

Is Your Company Prepared to Handle Taxes?

It need not be a stressful experience to file your T2 corporation income tax return in Calgary, you can handle your business taxes with ease. You can smoothly handle your responsibilities and potentially even lower your tax burden if you have the appropriate planning and knowledge.

We at Debits&Credits are here to guide you through the intricacies of Calgary corporation tax. Our staff of knowledgeable experts is available to help, whether you need help completing your T2 return or strategic guidance on tax planning. Make your company as tax efficient as possible by getting in touch with us right now!